Welcome to heaven on earth! The settlement where our villa is situated is not by chance considered the most beautiful on the island. It is well worth spending time here to enjoy one of the most enticing getaways.

Oia is in the northwestern part of Santorini, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a destination on its own. A lot of visitors choose to” withdraw” here and for a very good reason.

It was the first to be declared as a preserved settlement in 1976, and it offers a unique travel experience to all those who set eyes on it. Cosmopolitan and aristocratic, minimal but also extravagant at the same time, artistic and sophisticated, radiant and heavenly, it is famous for the sunset –among others- that has been a huge source of inspiration, and the charming narrow streets that will remind you of a wonderful maze.

When you arrive at the settlement, go up towards the main street that divides it into two sections. One –on the Caldera side- is full of classic dwellings built into niches, while in the other you will see many captain’s houses. The Castle is a point of reference, with few elements of the past preserved but nevertheless superb with an incredible view. Your camera will focus on the countless elaborated domes found on every corner, as more than 60 churches can be seen here. Oia offers quality entertainment regarding restaurants and nightlife.